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Being a unique actor, Rajinikanth's contribution in the field of Cinema, Politics and Spiritual world are numerous. As an actor, he is really "Maharaja of Collection" and he could return box-office revenues of more than 50 Crores. He has an army of 1.5 million fans. Of course, he is India's largest and most successfully one man industry. There is no denying Rajinikanth's status as Super Star. Ask anyone in Tamil Nadu (India), even a child knows him. He is the idol of Tamil Cinema Industry. He is at the pinnacle of tamil film industry for the last 30 years. He is the first actor to be promoted from Villain to Hero in South Indian Cinema. He is the real "Super Star" for the last 3 decades.
Perhaps he would be the only actor turned to spiritual world. He does have so many spiritual advisors like Shri Rahagavendra, Shri Ramanar, Swamiji Dhayanandha Saraswathi, Shri Satchidhananda & Mahaveer Babaji and he actively involves himself as a diviner of the eternal God. He is always a lover of peace. When he was cornered in the issue of Cauvery water issue, he won the hearts of number of true tamilians by sitting in fast.
As a messiah, he swung the course in 1996 Assembly Election of Tamil Nadu by making a televised appeal to voters to pick the D.M.K - T.M.C combine and they did well. As a citizen as well as crowd-puller, he did an inevitable role which made him to become helmsman of Tamil Nadu. Certainly he is an alternative to the Dravidian politics. He can turn a super-politician and on the face of it appear to be someone above castes and communities. He is straight-forward, great achiever and someone who is genuinely concerned about the goings-on around him. It is obvious that people find Rajnikanth as an alternative with high integrity. He has always been a political figure of sorts. One could find allusions to contemporary politics in his films post-1992, but Super Star now seems to say that he doesn't need a real context to do politics. But, in future God will propose; he will definitely dispose...
This E-Fans Association is the first step move towards to bring together the fans of Superstar Rajanikanth worldwide via the medium of internet thereby setting up a forum for the exchange of information and discussions related to Rajni. Get and share all the latest and rare information about Super Star Rajinikanth right here. It's all about our beloved Super Star Rajinikanth!

Superstar says "i am like a horse. I can get up easily" in CM audio function. For more news, click here!

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